110% Consulting, an independent management consulting practice, was established to satisfy the growing demand from enterprise and government agencies for consulting and advisory services to differentiate, grow market share and improve customer experience through technology. These businesses recognise the need to be equipped both from a cultural and technological perspective to proactively, rather than reactively, adapt to the pace of technology change.

  • Consulting in development of integrated business, IT, Digital and Innovation strategies and execution 
  • Board and CEO advisory
  • Interim executive appointments

Technology is fundamental to compete in dynamic and digital markets.  110% Consulting will work with you to create competitive advantage through technology and culture by:

  • Developing a business-focused technology landscape with a unique perspective on customer-centric strategy design and roadmap execution
  • Optimising the performance of IT to create efficiencies to re-invest in strategic initiatives to achieve growth and competitive advantage
  • Establishing a culture for a high-functioning team that is customer centric, innovative, empowered and adaptable to enable speed, agility and scalability
  • Changing the conversation with business stakeholders and vendors to create a collaborative, productive operating rhythm that aligns priorities to business outcomes and developing a customer-orientated culture to get the right things delivered faster