110% Consulting captures the sense of what’s possible - the ability for organisations and employees to exceed their own expectations and those of others to create competitive advantage and personalised customer experiences.  

In 2001, whilst working with, I experienced this first-hand.  With the start-up yet to make a profit, I observed, with interest, how employees gave 110% of themselves, to make the seek vision come to fruition.  As my career has progressed, I regularly reflect on how the leaders at seek created that positive environment and the tremendous results it delivered.  My time at seek shaped the leader I am today:

  • Help others look beyond the expected financial indicators to innovate and exceed expectations 
  • Combine Curiosity with Authenticity
  • A Creative Thinker with the ability to rapidly adapt
  • Inclusive and Collaborative
  • Results-focused with a passion for enabling employees to bring the best of themselves to work each day
  • 110% is my personal benchmark, which I look to inspire in others